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Rebuild. Renew. Restore.

March 1, 2015 Speaker: Andrew Burkhart Series: Rebuild. Renew. Restore.

The book of Nehemiah is more than just the technical history of Israel. It is the story of a sovereign God who delights in using human means to accomplish His plans and purposes. Babylonian and Persian kings, Jewish priests and prophets, nobles and peasants, craftsmen and cupbearers are all caught up in the divine drama of redemption that began the day Adam and Eve brought ruin to humanity. Nehemiah was given a taste of Jesus’s burden for Jerusalem. He was invited to follow and risk. He was called to add his few lines to God’s story of rebuilding.

This is where we are invited to step into the story of Nehemiah. We are invited, as Nehemiah was, to find our place in God’s great plan to rebuild, renew, and restore all things through His Son Jesus. Rich and poor, pastor or single-mom, all of the people of God are invited to participate in the Great Scheme of redemption.

As we dig into this book, our first hope and prayer is that you would see the greater Nehemiah who died and rose to rebuild, renew, and restore all things. Our second hope is that you would taste Jesus’ love and burden for you, for His church, and for your city; He cares about the broken walls and broken lives. Our third hope is that you would play your role. May you find your place in Jesus’ work to rebuild, renew, and restore!

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