There was once a man named Job. In every sense, he was a good man that did good things all of his life. Job loved God, tried to obey God, and took care of the people around him. By every standard, he was a successful man. It was clear to everyone, in heaven and on earth, that God had immensely blessed Job. On a day that he would not soon forget, Job received the news that he had lost all of his money and wealth. Just like that, gone! But that was nothing compared to what then happened to Job: all of his children were killed--crushed in a home and caught in a freak windstorm accident. To top it all of, in the midst of great sorrow and grief, Job was plagued with gross, pus-filled, painful sores from head to toe. 
Pain now marked Job's life. And if we are paying attention, we can see this pain all around us and even within us. This despair can cause us to question God. We may ask, "Why does God allow evil in this world?", "Why do bad things happen to me?" or even still,  "Is God actually good?" In the midst of unfathomable loss and pain, Job's heart asked these very same questions. These questions are not off-limits to God. But consider this: Are we even asking the right questions? And perhaps the most important question to consider: From where and whom are we getting our answers? Join us on Sunday as we seek the answers to these questions in the life of Job.


ESV Scripture Journal on the Book of Job
Three Philosophies of Life by Peter Kreeft
The Book of Job by John E. Hartley
How To Read Job by John H. Walton and Tremper Longman III
A Grief Observed by C.S. Lewis
Walking Through Twilight by Douglas Groothuis