Renewal Sermon Series

As we journey through life, we can find ourselves feeling aimless, empty, longing for more. The pressures of life may have left us tired and exhausted. Our thirsty souls are searching for something that satisfies. Like wandering in the desert, our hearts yearn to find an oasis, a place of refreshing in the midst of the wilderness. But as soon as we think we’ve reached this paradise, we realize it is but a mirage. Maybe we are looking in all the wrong places.

This thirst inside all of us can only be quenched by God. He is the only one who can satisfy. Yet even after coming to drink deeply of God through Jesus, we still often experience this longing. We still crave the refreshing that comes from his Spirit. More than anything, we need to encounter God anew and be changed by him. We need renewal and revival. But is this something that God even wants to do? Join us this Sunday as we look at the heart of God to bring renewal to his people.